How to Make Money With ClickBank – Beginners Guide

Are you really want to make money online?. If yes , this post will help you. Today many ways are there to make money online. One of the best way that many people making money online is, using  affiliate marketing. You can make huge money with affiliate marketing. But you have to work hard to make money online. Like affiliate marketing you can also make decent money using Google AdSense. Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense are the best ways to make money online.

We already discussed about making money with Google AdSense, now we are going to discuss about making money with ClickBank as an affiliate marketer.

What is affiliate marketing  :

Affiliate marketing means selling others products. I.e Promoting others products and making sales. To make money with affiliate marketing , you must have a blog to get better results. Not only for affiliate marketing for any method to earn money online you must need a blog or website. So create a own website/blog or use free blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress. You can promote Clickbank products using Blogger blogs.

How to make money with affiliate marketing  :

To make money with affiliate marketing, first choose one of the best affiliate marketing site like Clickbank or CJ. Next choose one of the best product related to your blog content and promote that product using your blog.

How to make money with ClickBank :

ClickBank is one of the best affiliate marketing website. ClickBank offering huge digital products. ClickBank offering more commission than other affiliate programs . So ClickBank is the best way to make huge money online. Here I'm going to show you how to earn money online with ClickBank.

You can make huge money with ClickBank affiliate marketing, but making money will depends on your hard work. Many of them failing in finding the right way to start making money with ClickBank.


Follow below steps to make money with ClickBank :

Step 1 : Create an account in ClickBank : 
Creating click bank account is simple. Just open ClickBank website and then click on Create Account . Next enter you location, contact and account details and then click on SUBMIT ACCOUNT REGISTRATION button. After completing account creation you will receive confirm email to your email account. Confirm that and your done.

Step 2 : Find suitable product for you in ClickBank
After creating  ClickBank account next thing you have to do is , find the best product in ClickBank. Choosing the right Clickbank product is very important . So first search and select the perfect ClickBank product to promote. Choose the product related to your blog niche. Off course there are hundreds of products on the marketplace in your niche, from those you have to find the right one.Concentrate on Gravity and conversion rate of a ClickBank product.
To find products , click on marketplace on right side top. Click on category , it will list all the products related to that category. From those list choose right product.

Step 3 : Get your product affiliate links .
After finding right product , next you have to get links to promote. To get product links , just click on PROMOTE button . Now a pop up window will open and ask tracking Tracking id , if you want track , just enter any name. Finally click on create , now you will get product link. Copy the HopLink HTML code and close window.

Step 4 : Promote ClickBank product using this link :
Use websites/blogs to promote click bank products. After getting product affiliate link, just add that link to your blog. When your blog visitor click on that affiliate link, it will go to vendors product page. If the visitor buys vendors product, you will get commission. You can also promote ClickBank products without a website/blog. In the next post I will show you how to promote ClickBank products with and without a website/blog.

Step 5 : Get more traffic 
Getting more traffic is the key to make money online. If the traffic increase to your affiliate page , then your income will increase. There are many ways are there to promote your affiliate products , like article marketing and video marketing.

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