How to start a blog

It is the time to start a blog to make money online. If you really want to earn money online , then you must have a blog. With your blog you can sell or promote any thing on the internet. You make money online by selling your products or others, promoting, and providing services.
Let's start a new blog

Choose a right blog topic :

Before starting a blog it is better to choose a topic that you are interested in. It is easy for you if you start a blog with a topic on which your interested. Because after starting blog, the next thing is, publishing posts(articles) on your blog. That's why if you choose a right topic in which you are interested in, then you can write posts easily and clearly. So choosing a right topic is most important thing for a successful blog.

How to choose a right topic for your blog :

Generally people choose a topic that has more popular on the internet even they don't know any thing about it. It's not good idea. Never choose a topic without having clarity on it. Why means competition is very high on popular topics. You can't share your ideas with others if you don't know about the topic which you chosen .

Follow below suggestions to choose a perfect topic for your blog

  • Choose a topic on which you are interested
  • Take some time to decide on which you are interested.
  • Choose a popular topic if you really know about it
  • Choose a popular topic even without knowing about it , but chose a high skilled writer who know about that topic.

List of best profitable topics to choose for your blog:

     Health & Fitness
     Internet Marketing
     Web Design

Like above many best topics are there.Choose the best topic that you are passionate about.

How to Start a Blog in Just 5 Minutes : 

Step by step procedure : 
  • Choose domain name
  •  Buy domain name
  • Buy web hosting
  • Add domain to web hosting account
  • Install WordPress

Choose a domain name :

After choosing a perfect topic for your blog, next find a domain name for your blog. Choose a domain name related to topic that you chosen and also make it short and meaning full.

How to choose an right domain name

Choosing right domain is also very important. People will recognize you on internet with your domain name. So choose short and easily memorable domain names.

Follow below suggestions to choose a perfect domain name

  • short name
  • easily memorable
  • unique
Note : Try to to avid letters and special characters. Search engines will not recognize letters and special characters. We will discuss why you need to avid letters and special characters in domain names latter.

Buy a domain name :

After choosing domain name, the next step is buying that domain name from trusted domain registrars.
To buy a domain name, I prefer GoDaddy site. Like GoDaddy many domain registrars are available today to buy domains. GoDaddy offering domain names at low price and also trusted one, that's why I'm preferring GoDaddy.

How to Buy a domain name

Before going to start buying domain name from GoDaddy, first visit GoDadday site and create an account on GoDaddy. Next search your domain name on the search box in GoDaddy. If that domain name available then it will shown as available and then simply add that domain name to your cart and buy. If domain name not available simply search for another domain name.

Choose web host for your blog :

For every blog and website web hosting must need. Web hosting is need to store you blog files. Domain name is just a name to call and web hosting is like a hard disk to store your blog files. Your blog performance will depend on the hosting you chosen. If you have a good hosting then your blogs will load fast and never down. Many hosting networks are available today, find the one that suitable to your blog..

How to choose a right web hosting for your blog

  • First thing is Performance
  • Second one price
  • Third one best plans regarding disk space and bandwidth
  • Next Custom support 
Some of the best hosting networks:
Buy hosting for your blog from Web hosting provider. After buying domain name and hosting, next you have to host your domain on your hosting account.

Add domain name to host : 

After buying domain name and hosting, the next step you have to do is, link that domain name to your hosting. If it is first time to to add domain name to hosting then you can see video regarding this information on YouTube. Here I'm telling you the basic method to link your domain to hosting.

How to link your domain name to your hosting account

If domain name and hosting is in same account, then you don't need to add domain name to your hosting account manually. If your domain name is out of hosting account, then you need to add domain name to hosting account manually through addon domain option on your hosting account.

Add your domain name to hosting account:
  • Login to your hosting Cpanel
  • Click on Addon domain and add domain name
After adding domain name to your hosting account, next you have to add name servers to your domain name. After buying hosting you can get 2 name servers. Save those name servers or remember.

Add name servers to your domain name
  •  Go to the domain registrar site on which you buy domain name, Suppose if it is Godday, Log in to your  Godaddy account
  • Click on Domains and click on your domain name
  • Click on name servers and add 2 name servers and then click on save 
Note: No need to add name servers to domain name if domain name and hosting are in same account.

Installing WordPress :

After adding name servers to domain name, wait for some time. Login to your hosting Cpanel after few hours. Install WordPress on your blog.

To install WordPress -  

  • Log in to your Hosting control panel
  • Install WordPress with Fantastico or other WordPress softwares.

After installing Log in to your blog admin area. Use below link to log in in to WordPress.

http://Domain or http://Domain

Choose a theme for your blog : 

After login in to WordPress simply choose a theme for your blog and install. It is better to buy a custom theme for your blog at the beginning. After starting a blog if you change your WordPress theme then some links on your blog will broke. So choose the right theme for your blog. After choosing a theme for your blog, you can start publishing posts on your blog.

Like this you can start a new blog

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