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Godaddy :

Godaddy is one of the top domain registrar company in the world, it's not only a good domain registrar but also a good web hosting provider. Godaddy is very popular as domain name registrar. Godaddy offering domain names and web hosting at low price. You can get domain names at cheap and from Godaddy. In this post I'm going to show you "buying a domain name form Godaddy". It's really simple and easy process to buy a domain name form Godaddy.

How to buy a domain name on GoDaddy :

Before going to start registering a domain name on GoDaddy, first you have to create an account in GoDaddy. It not compulsory to create an account in  GoDaddy before buying a domain name. If you don't have GoDaddy account it will ask login details while buying a domain name. So it is better to create an account in GoDaddy and also use genuine information.

GoDaddy will send important information regarding domain like domain expiration to your mobile number and email. So add running mobile number to your GoDaddy account. If you don't want to show you details, then you can use privacy option on GoDaddy. 

Follow below steps to buy a domain name on GoDaddy:

Step 1: Login into your GoDaddy account

Step 2: Search your required domain name on search box

Step 3: If domain name available, click on add to cart button.

Step 4: Again click on Continue to Cart button

Step 5: Choose payment method and pay.

After purchasing domain name, you see your domain under Domains in your GoDaddy account. Make sure to check payment before paying for domain name. Some times domain period is selected as 2 years and also other options may select. So check all information and then pay.

If you you want to hide you domains Who is information, then select Privacy option while buying domain name. Or if you missed adding privacy to your domain name, you can also set privacy after buying domain name. 

How to buy domain names at low price from GoDaddy:

GoDaddy also providing discount offers and coupons to buy a domain names at low price form GoDaddy. You can use cjc149s1 coupon to get .COM domains at $1.49. While purchasing a domain name it will ask coupon code to get discount. Enter  cjc149s1 code in Coupon box and then click on Apply, now you many see domain name price after discount. Like this you can get more discounts from GoDaddy.
$1.49 .COM Domains! Might Make You Cry Tears of Joy!

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