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Blogging Platforms :
You can start a blog without investing money. Today many free blogging platforms are available to create free blogs. It is good idea to start blogging with free blogs. I also start my blogging with this blog. Now I'm running many websites with the basic knowledge of this blog.
If you really want to start a blog, use free blogging platform to create a blog. Its is really simple and easy to create free blogs using free blogging platforms. You can create free blogs in just 5 minutes. In this post I'm going to mention some of the best free blogging platforms to create free blogs. Those free blogging platforms also providing more features. If you are expert in web technology then you can make them as premium blogs.

How to choose best free blogging platforms:

Choosing the right blogging platform to start blogging is important. All free blogging platforms are not containing same features. So choose the one that meets your blogging features and also mainly choose the one that is popular on internet. Choose the one that having high page rank. If you are beginner, choose the one that is simple to maintain.

What are the top free blogging platforms to create a free blog: 


Above are the top free blogging platforms. I mostly prefer Blogger and WordPress to start creating free blogs. Blogger and WordPress providing more services than other blogging platforms. For newbies Blogger is best option. Using the above blogging platforms you can create multiple blogs freely.

The only problem with free blogging platforms is that they may disable or delete blogs at any time if we fail to follow their terms and conditions. These blogging platforms are really good if we maintain blogs by follow their terms and conditions.

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