Make money on the internet

Make money online:
Today we can make money online. Many ways are available to make money on the internet. Internet is the best source to make money. I think it is better to stop wasting your valuable time to browse unnecessary things, Turn internet in to money making machine. In this post I'm showing you some of the best and genuine ways to make money online.

How to make money on the internet :

We can make money by selling products, writing articles, affiliate marketing, online training programs, placing ads on blogs like this many more ways are there. But to make money online through any method, first you must have a blog/website. A blog is like a land, where you can build any thing in that land as you like. So main thing is build a blog/website and getting traffic. After you getting more traffic to your blog then you can start make money form your blog.
"So the first step is start blog".

How to start a website:

Buy domain from trusted sites. The best source to buy a domain is Godaddy. After buying domain name next buy hosting for your domain. And link your domain to your hosting. Start publishing articles on your blog. It is better to choose high paying topics for your blog. Try to learn seo tips to optimize your blog for getting more traffic. After getting more traffic your can start make money from your blog .

5 Easy ways to make money on the internet from your blog

AdSense :  AdSense is high paying ad network. It is high paying CPM , CPC and CPA ad network in the world.Apply to AdSense. After getting approved from adsense then place ads on your blog. If your AdSense account banned then use best alternative to AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing : Affiliating has become Viral marketing now a days.
Main affiliate marketing sources :
Join on any above affiliate network and place affiliate banner or text links on your blog.

Advertising : Sell some space on your blog
With this program, you can directly contact advertiser and place their advertisement banner on your blog.You can also you use some useful site to place advertising banners on your blog.
Ex : 
Publicity clerks
Beacon Ad Network

Content writer : Write articles for others
Create hire me page on your blog and provide service like content writer.

Freelancing : Freelancing services
If you keep on maintaining you blog, one day your blog will get good rank on search engine. you can get Good knowledge on SEO/SEM by maintaining your blog , then you can provide seo and sem services for other blogs. Not only seo/sem any service.
Best freelancing site:
  • Freelancer
  • Odesk 

First you sign up those sites and bid projects.

Additional way : -
Online training: 
If you are expert in a particular field then simply start website and provide you service such as online training programs. Suppose if you expert in Android, then provide service like android online training on your blog.
These are the best ways to make money online from your blog. Generally many of them use these methods to make money online. So let's start a new blog if you don't have any and follow these methods to make money from your blog. You can also make money on the internet without a website/blog.

5 Easy ways to make money on the internet with out website/blog:

Freelancing Jobs: On of the best way to make money online without website is using freelancing websites. Some of the top freelancing websites are - Freelancer, Odesk and Elance. Participate on these freelancing websites and and bid project. You can find all types freelancing works on these websites.

Fiverr :  Fiverr is online marketplace, where you can do micro jobs to make money. For each work you can earn $5. It is really easy to make money through fiverr.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the popular social networking site today. Facebook getting huge traffic daily. So you can also earn money through your Facebook account, like using blog. You can make money by promoting your own or affiliate products through Facebook. Today many of them making money using Facebook.

Buying and Selling Domains: This is also one the easiest way to make money. Buy domains from trusted domain registrars and resell them to others for profit.

Youtube: Youtube is most powelful source to make money online without a website/blog today. Create quality videos and post on YouTube. Apply for AdSense to place ads on your YouTube videos.

Like these many ways are available to make money on the internet. But these are most working ways to earn money on the internet.

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