How To Setup a Custom Domain On Blogger With GoDaddy

We can add a custom domain registered in GoDaddy to Blogger blog. In the previous post we discussed about Setting a custom domain on Blogger. Now in this post we are going discuss about setting a custom domain on Blogger with GoDaddy. Suppose if you have a domain register through Godaddy and want to add that domain name to your Blogger blog, this post will help you. It's really good idea to add a custom domain name to Blogger blog to run custom domain names without paid webhosting.

How to setup a custom GoDaddy domain name on Blogger:

Adding a domain name with GoDaddy on Blogger is a simple process. To setup a custom domain name you have to add CNAME and A record files to your Domain on your GoDaddy account. After submitting a domain name on your Blogger, you will get CNAME and A record files. Just add these records to your GoDaddy domain. With this process you can add any GoDaddy domain name to your Blogger blog.

Follow below steps to setup a custom domain name on your Blogger With GoDaddy:

Step 1 :  Log in to your Blogger account and click on Settings and then Go click on Basics

Step 2 : Click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog under Publishing,
             Now add your GoDaddy domain name and Click on save
             Now you can get two CNAME records

Step 3 :  Now log into your GoDaddy account and go to your Domains manger pages
              Select domain and click on Launch button

Step 4 : Click on DNS Zone file and click on Add New CNAME Record
              Now add two CNAME records which you copied from Blogger 
              After adding click on save changes.

              Again add below four A records 
              After adding click on Save changes.
Step 5 : Now Go to your Blogger, Go to the page where you added domain name
             Enter domain name with www."yourdomainname".com
             Select redirect option and Save changes.
No you successfully added a custom GoDaddy domain name to your Blogger blog. When you open your Blogger blog, it will redirect to your custom domain name.

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