How To Setup a Custom Domain On Blogger

Custom Domain Name For Blogger:
We know about Blogger. Blogger is a top blogging platform. With free of cost we can create blogs on Blogger. Blogger blogs have an .blogspot extension. Ex: Blogger providing custom domain feature. With this feature you can add custom domain name to your blogger blog. Suppose if you have a custom domain name like .com domain and want to add that domain name to your Blogger blog , this post will help you. After adding custom domain name to your blogger blog , your blogger blog will redirect to your custom domain name.

I.e Suppose your Blogger blog is and if you add to, then will redirect to

How to Setup a Custom Domain name on Blogger Blog : 

In this post I'm explaining about  adding custom domain name to Blogger blog. Before going to add a custom domain to Blogger, first get custom domain name. You can buy a domain name from domain registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap... . Also you can easily buy a custom domain name from your Blogger account.

Setting up a custom domain name on Blogger is very simple if you buy a domain name through Blogger, because Blogger configure CNAME's itself automatically. You don't need to add CNAME's manually. But if you bought a domain name form outside Blogger, then you need to manually add CNAME's to your Domain.

Follow below steps to setup a custom domain name on Blogger :

Step 1: Log in to Blogger and click on Blogger blog

Step 2: Go to Blogger Setting , Click on Basic, Under Publishing
            Click on  Setup a third-part URL for your blog

Step 3:  Enter domain name and click on Save button

Step 4:  Log in to your domain registrar site and add two CNAME records appeared
             after submitting domain name in Blogger
            Also add below four A records
           After adding Click on save changes.
Step 5: Now Go to your Blogger settings, click on basics , Under Publishing
            Check domain name whether you entered domain with www or not and
            Tick Redirection Option and click on save.

That's it. Like this you can setup a custom domain name on your Blogger/Blogspot blog. After adding custom domain, your Blogger blog will redirect to your custom domain name when any one open your Blogger blog.

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