How To Add Twitter Feeds Widget To Blogger

Twitter Feeds Widget For Blogger: 
Twitter and Facebook are most popular social networking sites in the world. Using social networking sites is the best way to communicate with other people through online. Many business people are using Twitter and Facebook for social marketing. Many Twitter widgets are there to add to your blog/website, like follow me on twitter widget, Twitter feeds widget, like that. Twitter feeds
widget is also one of the popular widget. This widget will display the most recent tweets of your Twitter account. So this widget is useful to blogs/websites. With this twitter feeds widget you can view recent tweets of your  twitter from your blog/website. So who want to show their twitter tweets on their blogs/websites , just add this widget to their blogs/websites. Today we are going to discuss about adding Twitter feeds widget to Blogger.

Adding Twitter feeds widget to Blogger: 

Twitter feeds widget is developed by Twitter. It simple to add Twitter feeds widget to Blogger with out using 3rdparty widgets. It is simple method, just we have to sign in to Twitter and go to Twitter widget page. After going to Twitter widget page , configure widget and then get widget code. Below i'm showing you step by step procedure of adding Twitter feeds widget.

Follow below steps to add Twitter feeds widget to Blogger blog

Step 1 : First Go to

Step 2 : Next , it will show configuration window .Then configure widget like below

              Username :  Give your user name 

              Options     :  These options are optional, check or uncheck options.

              Height       :  Set height or leave default one

              Theme       :  Choose any theme color

              Link color : Choose link color

Step 3 :  After settings up the widget , click on create widget.

Step 4 : Copy widget code and click on Save changes.

Step 5 : Go to Blogger Layout, add HTML/JavaScript widget and
             add Twitter feeds widget code in the HTML/JavaScript widget configuration box
             and click on save.

To see the results,  Just visit your Blogger blog after adding Twitter feeds widget to your Blogger blog. After adding, Twitter tweets will appear on your Blogger blog.

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