Use Search Bar To Find Code In Your Blogger Template

Finding Certain Code in Blogger Template:
It will take more time to find certain code in your Blogger template code. Blogger template code contains more lines. So it is difficult to find particular code on your Blogger template. But you can find certain code in your Blogger template easily by using a search bar.

How to Find Certain Code in Your Blogger Template Using Search Bar:

It's a simple trick. After opening your Blogger template code, click Ctrl+F. Now search bar will open. With that search bar you can find particular code on your Blogger template easily and quickly. You can use this trick to find out code on your WordPress template also. Using search bar is really helpful to all Blogger. It saves more time.

Follow below steps to use a search bar to find code in your Blogger template.

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Template

Step 3 : Click on edit HTML

Step 4 : Click Ctrl+F, now a search bar will open

Step 5 : Enter code which you want to search in that search box and hit Enter. Now it will jump to that code in your template.

Ex : suppose if you want to <body> tag in your template, Then
  • Open your Template code
  • Click  Ctrl+f  
  • Enter <body> in the search bar
  • Click on enter, now cursor will go that <body> tag in your template and that search code will be highlight .
Like this you can easily find certain code in your Blogger template using search bar.

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