Blogger post editor keyboard shortcuts

Post Editor Shortcuts :
To write posts quickly in Blogger it better to use post editor keyboard shortcuts. Blogger allowing some useful shortcuts to save your time on writing blog posts. In this post I'm listing useful post editor shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Blogger post editor :

Actually many keyboard shortcuts are available but some may not work on all browsers. Below I'm showing some basic shortcut keys for Blogger posts editor which works on all browsers.

List of keyboard shortcuts and Functions

Shortcut Key                    Fucntion

Ctrl + b                   :          Bold
Ctrl + i                    :          Italic
Ctrl + u                   :          To Underline
Ctrl + a                           Select or highlight all text
Ctrl + c                   :          Copy
Ctrl + x                   :          Cut
Ctrl + v                   :          Paste
Ctrl + z                   :          Undo
Ctrl + y                           Redo
Ctrl + f                    :          Find a Word or Phrase
Ctrl + s                    :          Auto save your post
Ctrl + k                    :         Insert hyperlink to selected text on your post
Ctrl + Shift + M     :         Convert your posts editor into mobile view and vice versa
Ctrl + +                  :         Zoom in Blogger post editor
Ctrl + -                    :         Zoom out Blogger post editor
Ctrl + Shift + V      :         Paste copied content

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