Schedule blog posts in wordpress

Schedule a Post on WordPress:
We can schedule posts in WordPress blog. Post will publish automatically on your blog with schedule option on WordPress. To schedule a post on your WordPress blog, you need to set schedule date and time to that post. When the schedule time arrives that post will publish automatically on your WordPress blog. This method will be useful for those who want to publish posts on their blog more regularly. 

Schedule option is useful for those how want to publish a  post even when they are not online. Suppose if you want to make a blog post publish on your blog after two days then just create a post now and set schedule date and time to that post. This option is useful for busy people.

How to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress :

It is simple to schedule a post on your WordPress blog. We already discussed about posting and scheduling a article on Blogger, Now I'm going to discuss about scheduling posts in WordPress blog. The process is same like in Blogger. Just create article on your WordPress and then set schedule time and date by click on schedule button on your WordPress dashboard.

Follow below steps to schedule blog posts in WordPress

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Write post in post editor

Step 3 : Click on Edit link next to Publish immediately.

Step 4 : Now set date, time and then click on OK

Step 5 : Finally click on Schedule

That's it, the post now scheduled. The schedule post will publish on your blog when the Schedule time arrives. Like this you can also schedule static pages in WordPress blog. You can also schedule already publish posts. Suppose if you want to republish your published post then  you can do it by manually or with schedule option.

If you want to schedule old posts then open old post and change date and time and click on schedule. At any time we can also unschedule posts in WordPress. If you want to publish scheduled post immediately, just unschedule that post and then publish.

How to unschedule posts in WordPress : 
  • Open scheduled post
  • Click on Edit next to schedule date in the publish module.
  • Enter today's date and time
  • Click on OK
  • Click on Publish button
Then your post will publish immediately on your WordPress blog.

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