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Post article in blogger

After creating a blog on Blogger, you can start publishing articles on your Blogger blog. It is easy to post articles in your blog, and you can also publish multiple articles on your blog in a day. At any time you can edit your published posts on your Blogger. Before publishing posts in your blog it is better to categorize your posts and then publish. To categorize posts in Blogger you have to add label widget to your Blogger blog . After adding label widget to your blog you can see labels option under post settings on right side to post editor. After writing article, before publishing click on Labels and enter name to which your article is related to.

How to post articles in Blogger blog :

In the previous post we discussed about creating free blogs on Blogger, Now we are going to discuss about posting articles in Blogger. You can see New post tab after log in into Blogger dashboard. You have to just click on New post tab and then start writing your content or paste any content in post editor box and then publish. Like this you can post many articles in Blogger. Below you can get full description about posting article and post settings.

Follow below steps to post an article in your Blogger blog

Step 1 : Click on Posts

Step 2 : Click on New post

Step 3 : Enter post title name in top box and write content in post editor box

Step 4: After completion of the writing a post, click on Labels and enter label name.
            You can see Labels option under Posts settings (only after adding labels gadget to your
            Blogger blog)

Step 5:  Click on Publish button

Now your post is published in your blog successfully. Using post settings, you can schedule blog posts, change permalink structure, add description to post, set location and also set comments on a post in your Blogger blog.


Post settings : 

Blogger providing post settings for scheduling posts, changing Permalink, setting location, adding search description and setting comments.

Post scheduling: You can schedule posts in your Blogger blog using this option.
How to set :
  • Click on Schedule button under Post settings 
  • Select Set date and time
  • Set date and click on Done button.
 Permalink : You can customize post url link with Permalink option.
How to set :
  • Click on Permalink 
  • Select custom Permalink 
  • Enter custom name
  • Click on Done button
Location :  You can also set location
How to set :
  • Click on Location
  • Enter location name and lick on Done button
Search Description : You can add custom meta description blog posts in Blogger.
How to set :
  •  Click on Search Description
  •  Enter small description about your post in the Search Description text box
  •  Click on Done button
Comments : 
By default comments are enabled on all your blog posts. You can disable and again enable comments on particular post with this option.
How to set :
  • Click on Options
  • Set comment options as you like. If you want o disable comments then select either Don't allow, show existing or Don't allow, hide existing option.
  • Click on done
Like this you can use post settings in Blogger. You can also save posts without publishing on your blog by click on Save button. If you want to add header tags to your article headings then click on HTML button on right side next to Compose. Now your post editor will turn into HTML mode add HTML tags and click on Publish button.


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