How to Create a Blog Using

Blogger : Blogger is one of the best free Blogging platform. Even many free blogging platforms are available on the internet today, is the best choice to start a free blog. Especially for beginner's, Blogger is the best option to start their blogging journey. It is easy to create a blog on Blogger and also you can easily customize Blogger blog. Blogger is one of the Google's product. So for newbies I strongly recommend Blogger to create a free blog. In this post I would like to show you how to create a blog using

Advantage of Blogger Blogs:

Fast Indexing : I observed one thing that the Blogger blogs posts are indexing more fast on Google search engine than other blogs. So if you start blogging with Blogger, you may get better results.
Custom Domain Capability: At any time you can also add a custom domain to Blogger blog easily with free of cost.
Easy Customization : We can easily add pages, widgets, and also customize Blogger layout.

Like Blogger other blogging platforms also available to create free blogs. One of the best alternative to Blogger is WordPress. WordPress is absolutely an excellent blogging platform. We can also create free blogs on WordPress. WordPress is good for premium blogs/websites.

But for free blogs, Blogger is the best choice when compared to WordPress.

How to create a free blog using

It is really very easy to create a free blog using Blogger compared with other blogging platforms. Blogger is one of the Google product, so you must need Gmail account to register an account on Blogger. So before going to create blog on Blogger, first create a Gmail account, if you don't have any.

Just login to Blogger account using your Gmail login credentials and create blog by click on New Blog button on your Blogger Dashboard. You can create multiple free blogs using  

Follow below steps to create a blog on

Step 1 : Create a Gmail account, if you don't have Gmail account

Creating a free blog on bloggerStep 2 : Log in to with Gmail account

Step 3 : Click on New Blog tab

Step 4 : After click on New Blog tab, it will open
              create a new  blog window. You can see two boxes
              like Title and Address.

              Enter blog title in the Title box and
              blog name in the Address box.

After entering blog name in Address box,  you can see message like "This blog address is available" below blog Address box. If blog name is not available then you can see massage like " Sorry, this blog address is not available ". If the blog address is not available, simply enter another name in the Address box and try again until blog name is available.

Step 5 : Select template and Click on Crate blog! button.

That's it, you have successfully created a free blog on Blogger. Like this you can create multiple blogs using We can create up to 80 blogs in one Blogger account. You can also delete Blogger blogs at any time after creating. In Blogger it's also possible to restore deleted blogs after deletion.

Now you can start publishing posts on your Blogger blog. Before publishing posts, first setup your Blogger blog properly.

Setup a new blog on Blogger properly after creating: 

After creating a blog on Blogger you have to set up it properly to start blogging.
  • After creating new blog, fist select good template and change. If you want to change your blog template click on Template tab and select template.
  • Click on Pages button and set show pages as Top tabs.
  • Click on Settings and click on Basics and enter title name and description for your blog.
Now your blog is ready to start, click on New Post tab and start posting articles on your Blogger blog.

Follow the Blogger terms and conditions and enjoy your blogging with Blogger. You can also make money with your Blogger blog, I will show you how to make money later. Also remember one thing, if you cross Blogger Terms and Conditions then your Blogger blog may be disable or delete by Blogger.

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