Publish a New Post in WordPress Blog

How to Publish a New Post in WordPress Blog:

Next step after creating a WordPress blog is publishing posts(articles) in WordPress blog. Before publishing articles we have to select better titles for posts. We can also schedule posts in WordPress. You can publish text, images, info-graphics, videos..etc in your WordPress blog.

Follow below steps to publish a new post in WordPress blog.

Step 1 : Go to WordPress dashboard

Step 2 : Click on posts and then click on add new

Step 3 : Post editor window will open, Enter posts title in post title (above) box

Step 4 : Write post content in body section

Step 5 : Click on publish to publish article on your blog.

That's it, you successfully published a post on your WordPress blog. Go to your blog and check post content. We also publish HTML code in WordPress blog. To publish HTML code, click on HTML tab that appears at the top of the post editor. After click on HTML tab, your posts editor will turn in to HTML mode. Now paste HTML code and click on Publish.

Suppose if you insert HTML code in the visual mode directly and click on Publish, then the HTML code will be published as it is. But if you want publish output of the HTML code then you have to enter HTML code in the post editor after post editor turn into HTML mode.

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