Create a Free Blog on WordPress

WordPress : WordPress is one of the best blogging platform like Blogger. Like in Blogger we can also create a free blog using WordPress. We can create multiple free blogs on WordPress. WordPress has more features. WordPress has categories widget to create categories on WordPress blog, but in Blogger it's difficult to create categories. Blogger is best choice for beginners and WordPress is good for professional bloggers.

We already discussed how to create a free blog on Blogger, now I'm showing you how to create a free blog on WordPress.

How to create a free blog on WordPress:

It's simple to create a free blog on WordPress. In just two minutes you can create blog on WordPress. Just sign up to WordPress and choose blog name wisely and verify your account. That's it.

Follow below steps to create a free blog on WordPress.

Step 1 : Go to WordPress site and click on Create Website

Step 2 : Choose theme or click on Skip now

Step 3 : Enter blog name. If it available you can see Select button. Just click on Select

Step 4 : Click on Select Free Plan. Now Create your account window will open.
             Enter email address, username and password.

Step 5 : Click on Create My Account

Now go to your email account and verify link. That's it, you have successfully created a blog on WordPress. Like this you can create many free blogs on WordPress .

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