Enable or Disable Comments in WordPress

Turn On/Off Comments On Your WordPress :
By default comments are enabled on all WordPress blogs. You can see comment box below all your posts and pages on your WordPress blog. If you can't see the comment box just below post/page content on your blog, then you have to check whether the comments are enabled on your blog or not.

How to Enable or Disable Comments in WordPress :

You can easily turn on/off comments on your WordPress. Go to the Settings on your WordPress admin area and change comments settings under Discussion. These are the settings to enable or disable comments on whole your blog. We already discussed how to enable/disable comments on specific blog post and also on specific page.


Follow below steps to enable or disable comments in WordPress

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Settings tab

Step 3 : Under settings click on Discussion link

Step 4 : Select both option as shown in below
  • Allow comments
  • Allow Trackbacks and Ping backs on this blog

Step 5 : Click on Save.

If you want to disable comments on your WordPress, uncheck both options in step 4. Like this you can easily change comments settings on your WordPress blog.

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