Disable Comments on Specific WordPress Page

Turn Off Comments On a Static Page in WordPress:
We can enable or disable comments on individual static page on your WordPress blog. This post will help you disable comments on static pages like About me and Contact us. We can also turn off comments on specific blog post.

How to Disable Comments on Specific Page of WordPress Blog :

The process is same as turning off the comments on specific blog post on your WordPress. Go to Pages on your WordPress menu and enable comments settings on pages by selecting Discussion option from Screen options. Now open any page and turn off comments.

Follow below steps to disable comments on a page in your WordPress blog.

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Pages

Step 3 : Click on Edit page

Step 4 : Click on Screen options and tick Discussion box
             Now you can see Discussion module under your post editor box

Step 5 : Uncheck the Allow comments box under Discussion and then click on Update button.

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