Change Post Author in WordPress

Author name of a post :
After publishing a blog post on your WordPress, the default author name ( admin ) will assign to your blog post as author name. You can see post author name, below post title on your WordPress blog. By default post author name will appear as admin. We can change post author name of your WordPress blog. 

We can change author name of your existing blog posts also. In this post I'm going how to explain how to change author name of your WordPress blog post. 

How to Change Post Author Name in WordPress:

We can change the author of a existing blog post in WordPress easily. We can also change author names of a multiple posts at a time. Before going to author name of a blog post, first enable author name on your blog posts by selecting Author option from Screen options as said in below and then change author name.

Follow below steps to change the author name of a post on your WordPress blog:

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

step 2 : Click posts and click on Edit post

step 3 : Click on Screen options and check Author box

step 4 : No you can see Author module below your post editor.

step 5 : Click on down arrow mark on Author drop down menu.
             Now choose any name and click on Update button.

That's it, Go and check the author name of your blog post. Like this you can change author name of any specific blog post in your WordPress. You can also change author for multiple posts at a time .

How To change Author for multiple posts on your WordPress blog.

Step 1: Click on Posts

Step 2: Select multiple posts

Step 3: Click on Edit on bulk actions and click on Apply.

Step 4: Click on Author drop and down menu and choose any name

Step 5: Click on Update.

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