Change Order of WordPress Pages

Arranging static pages on your WordPress:
After creating pages in WordPress blog, the pages will appear on your blog like fist created page in first place and 2nd time created page in 2nd position, like this. You can rearrange pages on your blog menu as you like. To rearrange pages on your blog menu, you have to set order number to each static page.

By default home page will appear at the starting position on your blog menu. Page order value start from low numbers. Set small number to first page than other page order and then keep on increase page order values.

How to Change Order of  Pages in WordPress :

You can change the pages order in WordPress blog easily. you can set page order value while creating or after creating page. On the right side to your page editor box, you can see page attributes. There you can add page order value. Based on page order values static pages will appear on your blog menu.


Follow below steps to change order of pages in WordPress blog by changing page order numbers.

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Pages

Step 3 : Click on Edit page

Step 4 : Now you can see Page attributes on right side bar.
             There you can see order box in Page attributes window.

Step 5 : Enter number in Order box and click on Update.

Based on the order you given to page, it will appear on blog menu. Like this you can set order number to all pages in your WordPress blog. Based the page numbers position of your pages will change on WordPress blog menu.

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