Add Tags to Posts in WordPress

WordPress tags :
Tag is a keyword or key phrase. Tags are just like labels in Blogger blog. Tags used to group the related posts on your WordPress blog. We can categorize posts with tags just like categories on WordPress. We can add multiple tags to single post in WordPress blog. After adding a tag to a blog post , that post will linked to that tag(keyword or key phrase).

After adding tag names to blog post we can change or delete tags name at any time on your blog. In this post I'm going to explain how to add tags to your blog posts in WordPress.

How to Add Tags to Posts in WordPress :

We can add tags to a blog post after creating or while creating post. Two basic methods are there to add tags to your blog posts in WordPress. Generally we add tags to posts using with tags module in WordPress and also we can add tags via Dashboard .

Follow below steps to add tags to posts in WordPress blog via tags module.

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Add New under Posts.

Step 3 : Write post and now you can see Tags on right side.

Step 4 : Enter keyword or key phrase in the text box under Tags.

Step 5 : Click on Add and click on Update button.

We can add multiple tags at a time by separating keywords with commas(,). We can also add used tags by click on Choose from the most used tags link at the bottom of Tags widget. Like this we can add more tags to posts in our WordPress blog.

Follow below steps to create tags via Dashboard : 

Step 1 : Click on Posts

Step 2 : Click on Tags

Step 3 : Enter name and description

Step 4 : Click on Add new tag

Like this you can create tags in WordPress. To add tags to your blog posts, open posts and choose tags from Tags like in first method.

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