Display Labels Of Your Posts In Blogger

Category widget is not available in Blogger to categorize posts in Blogger blog. Labels are used to categorize blog posts in Blogger.  We can add multiple labels to single posts. In this post I'm going to show you how to add Labels widget to your Blogger blog and how to add labels to posts.

How To Display Labels Of Your Posts In Blogger Blog :

To enable labels on Blogger blog first you need to add labels gadget/widget to your Blogger blog. After adding Labels widget to Blogger, you can add label names to your blog posts. By default labels will not appear on Blogger blog. So it make it appear, you need to add Labels widget.

Follow below steps to display labels of your posts in Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Layout

Step 3 : Click on add a gadget and add Labels gadget

Step 4 : Go to posts, click on edit posts and click on Labels right side to post editor just below Post settings

Step 5 : Give label name and click on Done.

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  1. how to add more labels? i only have 4 and want to add more labels but i forgot