How to find your Blogger ID

Blogger blog ID : Each blog that you create with Blogger has its own unique ID number. Some times to make changes on your Blogger blog, blog id may require. Suppose if you want to install third party services on your Blogger blog, then it require your blog ID.

Like blog ID each and every post published on your Blogger blog has it's own unique ID. Now I'm going to explain how to find a Blogger blog ID, later we will discuss about finding post Id of your Blogger blog.

Follow below simple steps to find out your Blogger ID :

Many ways are there to find out Blogger blog id. Here I'm showing one of the simple method to know your blog id.

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on blog title to which you want to find blog ID

Step 3 : Check your address bar for your blog id

Step 4 : Now you can see your Blogger blog ID after blogID=  in address bar.

Step 5 : Copy that blog id number for future use.

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