Find blogger post id

Blogger blog post id :
Each blog has its own unique blog ID number in Blogger, Like that each post has its own unique id number in Blogger. In the previous post we discussed about how to find your Blogger blog id , Now we are going to discuss about finding your blogger blog post id.
With the help of post id we can apply different kind of CSS to specific blog post on your Blogger blog. So with post id we can easily customize specific blog post.

How to find post id in Blogger:

It's very simple to find out a specific blog post id on your Blogger blog. Just login to your Blogger and click on posts and then click on edit button just below your blog post, now your blog post id will appear on your browser address bar.

Follow below steps to find out post id in Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Posts

Step 3 : Click on Edit button corresponding to your blog post

Step 4 : Now you will go to post editor mode

Step 5 : Check your blog post ID after Blogger blog ID on your browser address bar.

Like this you can find out any blog post id of your Blogger blog.

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