How to Increase Page Rank

Page ranking is one of the ranking factor that can be given by search engine. Google gives the page rank to your blog based on the number of links to your website/blog. Google giving page rank from 0-10. Each blog contains as it's own page rank. You can check your blog page rank using page rank tools. Many page rank tools are there to check page rank of a blog/website.

The page rank mainly depends on your blog links. The links include inbound links, outbound links, no follow and do follow links. Quality links are more important to increase a blog page rank. We can increase our blog page ranks by following some factors that affects page rank, but it may take more time. You can't get results immediately.

How to increase page rank of a website/blog ultimately :

Based on some major factors, Google will give page rank to your website/blog. To improve your page rank, you have to know the factors that affect page rank and focus on those factors. In this post I'm explaining about some of the effective methods that increases your website/blog page rank.

Page rank doesn't effect your blog traffic. Even it doesn't effects your traffic, it's an important ranking factor. Page rank will show the reputation of your website/blog.

Follow below tips to increase your website/blog page rank :

1. Maintain quality pages in your blog:
Try to post high quality content. Quality content means unique fresh content. Always post quality content
on your blog. Google gives more priority to quality, not only Google all search engines gives high priority to quality content.So avoid content copying and post quality content on your blog regularly.

It's not difficult to create a quality content for your blog. With simple tricks you can easily write your own content for your blog. Many ways are available to write high quality content for your blog/website. Later I will show you how to write quality content

2. Build more internal links :
Building internal links in your blog, means creating links between articles on your blog. I.e creating a link between two articles in your blog. After posting an articles on your blog, try to find the related posts on your blog and build internal links.
Ex: In this post I created intern link to a Page rank page on this blog. You can see that link on top of this blog post.

Like this create quality internal links on your blog/website. Internal links also matters in increasing page rank of your blog/website.

3. Get back links from high page rank sites or blogs:
Back links are important to all blogs. But getting quality back links are necessary to increase your blog page rank. Try to get back links from high page rank sites/blogs. Getting back links from high page rank sites/blogs will increase page rank, not only page rank but also your blog traffic will increase.

Don't get back link from spam blogs/sites. Getting back links from spam sites may decrease your page rank.

4. Focus on Do follow and No follow links :

Try to focus on Do follow and No follow links. It is better, if you get links from Do follow websites/blogs. Search engines follows only do follow links. If you get more do follow links, your page will increase.

5. Optimize your page:

  • Use header tags
  • Use alt tags for images in your page.
  • Provide labels
  • Write meta description

6. Try to fix broken links :
Creating back links as well as finding and fixing the broken links is also important. To fix the broken links of your blog, try to find out the broken links using tools like Google Search Console and then delete or use redirection.

I hope these tips will increase your blog page rank.

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