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Broken Links : if the link is deleted or changed after creating on a blog/website then that link redirects to 404 error page when anyone click on the existing link. Those 404 error page links are said to be broken links . Broken links are also called as dead links.

Problem with Broken links :
Broken links will not effect search engine, but may create problem to your blog visitors. Broken link creates a bad user experience. When a visitor click on a link/page of your blog, and if that link shows 404 error page then your blog visitor may get disappoint. Don't disappoint your blog reader. Because if they get disappoint, they will not return back to your blog again. So try to find broken links on your blog and fix them properly as soon as possible.

The best solutions for broken links are -

1. Finding the broken links on your blog and remove those links from your blog.

2. Preventing search engines from following broken links of your blog.

3. Redirecting broken page to home page using 404 error redirection.
These above three are the best solutions to fix broken links on a blog. We already discussed about redirecting from page not found error page to home page of your blog. To fix the broken links of your Blogger blog, first you have to find out the broken links on your blog. In this post we are going to discuss about finding broken links on your Blogger blog, later we will discuss about fixing broken links on your Blogger.

How to find broken links on your Blogger blog :

Generally broken are created if we change Permalink structure of a blog or by deleting the unwanted posts on your blog. You can find broke links using broken links checker tools and using webmaster tools(Now it's called as Google Search Console). One of the best way to find the broken links on your Blogger is, using Google Webmaster tools. If you don't have Google webmaster tool account, first create a Google webmaster account and add your blog. We already discussed how to use Google webmaster tools and also how to submit sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

Follow below steps to find out broken links on your blog

Step 1 : Sign in to Google Webmaster Tool( Google Search Console).

Step 2 : Select your blog in the webmaster tool.

Step 3 : On the left side, click on Crawl and click on Crawl Errors.

Step 4 :  Next click on Not found box under URL Errors.

Step 5 : Now it will list all broken links of your Blogger blog.

Like this you can find out broken links of your Blogger blog using Google Search Console. You can also check broken links of your blog using broke link checker tools .

List of tools to check for broken links on your blog.
  • Brokenlinkcheck
  • Linktiger

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