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How to customize blog post titles in Blogger :

We can customize post titles in Blogger blog as we require. We can change posts title text-alignment, font, color and size. We can also add background color to posts titles and also add underline below posts titles in Blogger. This post will help you to customize posts titles in Blogger blog for better looking.

Every Blogger template has custom CSS code for post titles. By adding small attributes you can customize post titles in your Blogger. With every change in post titles CSS code in Blogger template code that effect will appear on all posts titles in your Blogger blog.

Follow below steps to customize post titles in Blogger blog :

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Template

Step 3 : Click on Edit HTML

Step 4 : Search  .post h3 {   in your template code.

Note: use ctrl+F and type  .post h3 {     to go to that location.You can find code like below

.post h3 {
Font-family: Georgia;
font-size: 14px;

How to align post title :
To align posts titles  to center -
  • Insert new line  text-align: center;  after .post h3 {
For the right alignment -
  • Add text-align: right; below .post h3 { 
For the left alignment -
  • Add text-align:left; below .post h3 {
Like this you can change post title position in Blogger blog .

How to change post title font size : 
add below line to the CSS code of posts titles.
font-size: 16px; 
If you want to increase post title font, just replace 16 with high value in the above code, like this you can increase or decrease post title font size.

How to add background color to post title :
add below line 
background: #222222;
To change background color of post titles, simply change color code in the above line. 

How to add background image to post title : 
add below code to the post titles css code.
background: url("image url") no-repeat;
If you want to repeat image then replace no-repeat with repeat.

Step 5 : Click on Save template to apply changes.

Like this we can add many effects to post titles in Blogger blog.

Note : It is better to backup of your template before doing any changes in your Blogger template. If you get any errors while editing code in template, backup will help you.

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