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Google Analytics: Google Analytics tool is one of the most useful tool, that can be used for tracking your Blogger blog or any website statistics. With this tools you can get complete statistics information about your blog/website. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google .

Google providing analytics tool for Blogger. All Bloggers can use Google Analytics tool to track their website/blog traffic. After adding Analytics tool to your blog, you can get reports like blog visitors, page views, bounce rate and many more. This tool gives all information regarding your blog statistics. I.e it gives full statistics report about traffic and visitors coming to your blog.

So it is better to install/add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog to know your Blogger statistics. In this post I'm explaining about adding Google Analytics to your Blogger blog, later I will explain you how to use Google Analytics to track your blog statistics.

How to add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog quickly

Adding a Google Analytics tool to your Blogger blog is a simple process. The basic process of adding Google Analytic tool is, first you have to create Google Analytics account and then submit your Blogger blog URL to Google Analytic. After adding your Blogger blog to Google Analytics, it will show all the methods to verify your Blogger blog.

You can verify your Blogger blog on Google Analytics by following any of those methods given by Google Analytics. Below I'm showing one of the best and easiest method to verify your Blogger blog by Google Analytics.

Follow below steps to add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog:

Step 1 : Sign in to Google Analytics and click on Sign up

Step 2 : Fill out all fields below Setting up your web property

I.e : Enter Website Name, Website URL , Industry Category, Reporting time zone and rest of all the required information.

Step 3 : Click on Get Tracking ID, and copy Tracking ID

Step 4 : Go to Blogger Dashboard, Click on setting

Step 5 : Click on Other and enter tracking id in the Analytics Web Property ID box just below Google Analytics and finally Save Settings

That's it, you have successfully added Google Analytics to your Blogger blog. You have to wait for some time to get verified by Google Analytics. Wait for 24 hours and login to your Google Analytics account, to see all statistics about your blog. Like this you can add Google Analytics to any Blogger blog.

Another procedure also there to verify your Blogger blog, but above method is the easiest method. This method is only work for Blogger blogs. Because Blogger providing Analytics Web Property ID option, so you can easily add Google Analytics to your Blogger by submitting Tracking ID through Analytics Web Property ID option on Blogger.

But If you are using other blogging platforms or template you have to add tracking code to your blog template to install Google Analytics. You also can use above method to your Blogger blog. If you want another method, below I'm showing another method to add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog.

Another method to add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog :

Step 1 : Log in to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Template and click on Edit HTML

Step 3 : Search for </body>

Step 4 : Add Google Analytics tracking code just above </body>

Step 5 : Click on Save Template

This is also easy method, but if you keep on adding third party script code to your Blogger template, it will effect on your blog loading speed. That's why I prefer first method ( adding Ttracking ID to your Blogger blog).
Google webmaster tools is also available to provide blog statistics information about traffic and visitors like Google Analytics. The main deference between Google Analytics and Google webmaster tool is, Google Analytics will give full report about your blog statistics and Google webmaster tool will give more information about your blog indexing and ranking on Google search engine.

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