On-Page Optimization Techniques for Blogs

Search engine optimization techniques for successful bloggers:

The main terms used in search engine optimization( SEO) are On-page optimization and Off-page optimization techniques. Search engine optimization means applying a set of techniques to optimize a website/blog to make them search engine friendly. In this post we are going to discuss about On-page optimization techniques to optimize your blog, later we will discuss Off-page optimization techniques.

On page optimization : " doing seo on your site "

On page optimization means applying SEO techniques directly on your blog to improve your blog position in search engine rankings. The main aim of the on page optimization technique is to optimize your blogs to increase your blog visibility and blog indexing on search engines.

On page optimization techniques :

To optimize a blog/website you have to concentrate on content, posts titles, keywords, links, meta tags and description. Many On page optimization techniques are there to optimize your blogs. Below I'm listing some important On page optimization techniques.

  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Header Tags Optimization
  • Post Tile Optimization
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Content Optimization 
  • Image Optimization
  • Link Optimization
  • Meta tags Optimization
  • Sitemap Submission 
  • URL Structure Optimization

Title Tag Optimization: After launching a web site/blog, the first step you have to do is, optimizing your blog title. Generally in search results your blog title will appear before post title. This is not good. So you have to set your blog title after your post title.

Ex: Your post title - blog title

Header Tags Optimization : Header tags are more powerful, so use them properly. The main useful header tags are H1 and H2 tags . Use H1 tag to your blog title and also use H1 tags to your post titles and next use H2 and H3 tags for sub headings of your blog post.

Post Tile Optimization: Optimize your post titles of your blog properly for better results. Add H1 tag to your post title and also place target keywords on your post title.

Content Optimization : The next step after optimizing post tiles is, optimizing your blog post content. To optimize your blog content, write quality content.. Quality content plays a major role in attracting visitors and make them visit your blog again. So write quality content and place target keywords on your blog content and use images or info-graphics.
Place target keywords in the first and last line of the post content. Also use anchor tags to create links and place target keywords in the anchor text. If your blog post has subheadings then use header tags like h2 , h3..

Keyword Optimization: Keyword optimization is very important for any successful business. keyword optimization is the process of searching and finding right kind of keywords for your blog. If you find the right keywords for your blog, then you can easily get quality traffic to your blog from search engines by targeting with those keywords.
Keyword research : Before start posting any article on your blog, first do proper keyword research to find best keywords to your blog niche and then write content by targeting those keywords. Use keyword research tools to analyze keywords. One of the best tool is Google keyword planner. Keyword placement : Place target keyword on your blog title, post title and content. Keyword density : Avoid keyword stuffing and maintain keyword density below 5%

Image Optimization: Optimizing images also necessary. To optimize images on your blog, use Alt tag. You can optimize images while posting or after posting images on your blog. Just use Alt tag and insert text related to your images. If you don't use alt tags, then search engines may ignore your images.

Link Optimization : Like optimizing images, you can also optimize links on your blog. To optimize links on your blog use anchor tags and use proper anchor text. Also set to open links in new window.

Create inbound links : If you have more posts then interlink one post with related post on your blog. It will also increase your page rank.

Meta Tags Optimization :

Meta Description : After posting articles on your blog then add some meta description to your blog post.

URL Structure Optimization : Proper URL structure is also very import. To optimize your URL structure choose best format.

Best format is : Yourblogname.com/post title 

Sitemap Submission : To increase your blog indexing, create sitemap for your blog and add sitemap to your webmaster tool.

These are the most important On page optimization techniques for any website/blog.

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