Off-Page Optimization Techniques for Blogs

Off page optimization techniques to increase your blog traffic :

Off page optimization is one of the search engine optimization technique. Mainly two techniques are there in search engine optimization, one is On-page optimization and other one Off-page optimization. In the previous post we discussed On-page optimization techniques, now we are going to discuss about Off-page optimization techniques.

What is Off-page optimization: " doing SEO outside of your website/blog"
Off-page optimization is the process of promoting your blog on online to get traffic. Off page optimization techniques are used to increase your blog traffic. With on page optimizations we can get more traffic from search engines(I.e Organic traffic). But with off page optimization we can also get traffic from out side of the search engines also. I.e getting traffic through back links.

What are the Off-page optimization techniques :

  • PPC Programs

  • Link Building

  • Social Media

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Article submission

  • Guest Blogging

  • Forums

  • Blog Commenting

PPC Programs: PPC means Pay Per Click. Use PPC to promote your website/blog.

How to promote your blog : The best methods to promote your blog on search engines are AdWords and Bingads, If you want to promote your blog on Google use Adwords and to promote your blog on Bing search engine use Bingads. These two are the paid advertising networks. To get traffic immediately to your blog ppc is the best choice. You can also promote your blog on Social networking also like in search engines. One of the best social networking ppc is Facebook ads.

Link building : Link building is the process of creating links. Get the back links from high page rank blogs and directories.

Guest posting : Write post on others blogs and get link from those blogs.

Blog commenting : Comment on other blogs related to your blog content and leave quality comment.

Directory submission : Submit your blog to multiple high page rank directories

Forums : Sign up to different forums and participate actively on them.

Free article submission : Participate in free article submission sites and submit your articles.

Press release : Write news for your blog and submit to press releasing sites.

Social media and Social bookmarking :

Social Networking : Sign up to different social networking sites and promote your blog in those. Try to get more followers to your blog. If your fallowing increase in social networking sites then your blog traffic will increase.

Social Bookmarking : Sign up to different social bookmarking sites and submit your own links in bookmarking sites.


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