How to Change Tumblr Theme

Tumblr providing huge types of themes. It providing both free and paid themes. Each theme has it's own customization options. Your Tumblr blog appearance will depends on theme that you are using. So to change the appearance of your blog, you need to use proper theme for your blog and customize it properly. In this post I'm going to to show you how to change your Tumblr blog theme, later I will also show you how to customize your theme.

How to Change Your Tumblr Theme :

It's simple to change your blog theme. Different ways are there to change your Tumblr theme. Just click on edit appearance under account tab and click Edit theme. Now you will go to the customization page, there you can see Browse themes options. Below I'm showing step by step procedure.

Follow below steps to change Tumblr blog theme :

Step 1 : Login to your Tumblr account

Step 2 : Click account tab on your Tumblr dashboard

Step 3 : Click on Edit appearance under your blog name

Step 4 : Click on Edit theme and then click on Browse themes

Step 5 : Now find theme and click on it and then finally click on Use button to apply theme to your blog.

Like this you can change your Tumblr theme. Tumblr providing both free and paid themes. So to find free themes after Step 4 you need to click on ALL THEMES and click on Free Themes. You can also use search box to search themes.

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