How to Customize FeedBurner Email Subscription Box

In the previous post we discussed about adding FeedBurner email subscriptions box to Blogger blog. Now in this post I'm explaining about how to customize your FeedBurner email subscriptions box. With this customization, you can add background color and also add background image to subscription box. We can also change width of the text box and change text font and family. It is simple to customize FeedBurner subscription box with simple html tags.

How to Customize Your FeedBurner Email Subscription Box For Blogger :

The FeedBurner email subscription code is really simple. So we can easily customize it. We can customize FeedBurner email subscription box, before or after adding it to your Blogger blog. This process is same for both Blogger and WordPress. Here I'm giving simple method to customize FeedBurner subscription box.

How to add background color to subscription box :

With one simple html tag , <div> tag , we can do many changes.

Just add <div> tag to the starting of your subscription box code

I.e :

subscription box code

To add background color use below tag,

<div style="background: #222222;">

Finally code is like this :

<div style="background: #222222;">
 subscription box code

How to add background image to subscription box :

Adding background image is also same like adding background color as above.

To add background image use below tag,

<div style="background: url(image url);">

How to change width of the text box :

In your subscription box code you can see line like below

<input type="text" style="width:140px" name="email"/>

To increase or decrease width of the text box , just change px value (140) in the above line.

How to change font style of subscription box text:

To change color of text use line below,

 <div style="color: #000000;">

To change font family of text , use below tag

 <div style="font-family: Georgia ;">

Like this you customize your FeedBurner subscription box.  I will mention more customization tips as soon as possible.

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