Top Alternatives to GoDaddy for Domain Name Registration

As we know Godaddy is one of the best and popular domain name registrar. You can registrar domain names at low price through Godaddy. It is also more secured to register a domain name through Godaddy. Like Godaddy many other domain name registrars are there. Some of the other domain name name registrars are Namecheap, Name, 1and1, Hostgator, Dreamhost and Hover.

Top Three Alternatives to Godaddy for Domain Name Registration: 


Namecheap, Name and 1and1 are the best alternatives to Godaddy for domain name registration.
Of course many other alternatives are there to Godaddy for registering a domain name. But these are best alternatives to Godaddy. You can also get domain names at cheap price from these alternatives.

Namecheap: Domain registrar


Namecheap is one of popular domain registrar. Namecheap is also allowing you to register a domain name privately and also you can get domain names at low price. If you register a domain privately , your personal information won't appear in whois database.  But for privacy you have to pay extra money like in Godaddy. Not only in this, you have to pay extra money for privacy on any domain registration comapny.

You can get discount prices for the first year of domain registration, but from next year you have to pay full money. Namecheap is one of the best domain registration company that allows buying domain names at low price.

Name: Domain registrar


Like Godaddy and Namecheap , Name website is also a good domain registrar. Name offering domain names at low price and also offering private registration. You can get a good discount for your first year registration.

1and1: Domain registrar


1and1 is also a domain registrar company , offering domains at low price. 1and1 is offering privacy at free of cost. So with private registration you personal information can't be shown in whois database. So this is good opportunity for who want to need Privacy.

These are the top alternatives to GoDaddy domain register. BigRock is also one the best domain registrar. 

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