How to Transfer GoDaddy Domain Name

Transferring a domain names are two types. First type is transferring a domain name between two same domain registrars ( Ex: Transferring domain from One GoDaddy to other GoDaddy account) and second type transferring domain name from one domain name registrar to other domain registrar company ( Ex: form GoDaddy to Hostgator) .

Transferring a domain names between two same domain registrar companies is very easy than transferring a domain name form one domain name registrar to other domain registrar. In this post we are going to discuss about the basic concept of transferring a GoDaddy domain names.

How transfer domain name from one GoDaddy to other GoDaddy account:

Suppose if you want to move your domain on your GoDdday account to other GoDaddy account , then you have to first unlock the domain name which you want to transfer and then change domain information with New GoDaddy account information. It's really easy process. Also in the previous post we discussed about transferring a domain name between two GoDaddy account. Below is the basic concept of transferring a domain name form one GoDaddy account to other GoDaddy account.

Step 1 : Log in to your GoDaddy account

Step 2:  Click on Account Change and Add new GoDaddy account log in and email Information

Step 3 : Accept Agreements and Follow instructions.

Step 4 : Now log in to your New GoDaddy account
             Go to My Account section and click on Pending Account Changes.
Step 5 :  Click on Incoming Account Changes , and check the domain and click on Quick Accept 
              Accept agreements and follow all instructions.
After completing all the process of transferring a domain , you can see domain name in new account as soon as possible.

How transfer domain name from GoDaddy to another domain registrar: 

Suppose if you have a domain name in GoDaddy and want to transfer that domain name to Hostgator , then it's a big process . You have to do more changes to transfer  domain form one domain registrar to another different domain registrar.
The basic concept is :-

Step 1 : First unlock you domain on your GoDaddy

Step 2: Get EPP code from GoDaddy.

Step 3 : If you domain contain Privacy protection service , just disable Privacy Protection

Step 4 : Next Submit domain transfer request to Hostgator (another domain Registrar)

Step 5 : Finally approve the transfer of domain name to Hostgator.

Like this you can transfer GoDaddy domain names to any other different domain registrar.

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