How to Change Domain Nameservers at GoDaddy

We know the basic process of setting a custom domain on Blogger. The basic process" adding a custom domain to blogger and getting CNAME records and A records" is same to all domain registrars ex Godaddy, Hostgator , Namecheap or any domain name registrars. Only the process of submitting CNAME records and A records to your domains on domain name registrar site is some what different. In the previous post we discussed about setting a custom domain on Blogger with Godaddy. Now we are going to discuss about setting a custom on Blogger with Hostgator.

How to setup a custom domain name On Blogger with Hostgator :

The process of setting up a custom domain on Blogger with Hostgator is simple . You have add CNAME and A records which you got from Blogger after submitting a domain name to domain on Hostgator. Below steps will help you.

Follow below steps to a custom domain name on Blogger with Hostgaor:

Step 1 : Go to Blogger settings and click on basics

Step 2 :  Click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog ,  Now add your Godaddy domain name
              Click on save
              Now you can get two CNAME records

Step 3 :  Log in to your Hostgator account . Click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor under Domains
               in your Hostgator cpanel.

Step 4 :  Select domain name and add CNAME records by selecting CNAME from drop down box
              ( You can see two CNAME records after submitting domain to blogger)
              Next add below four A records 
             After adding CNAME and A records , don't forget to save the new configuration.

Step 5 :  Now go to the page where you submitted domain name on blogger 
            and enter domain name with WWW.  and also select Redirection option and click on save.

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