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Canceling GoDaddy Domain Private Registration

Godaddy offering Private Registration facility, With private registration service your information regarding domain name will not display in Who is database. So it is better to add private registration service to your domain while buying domain name. Private Registration is not a free service , you have to pay for this service.

But some times there is problem with private registration, you have to cancel private registration of domain name.  Suppose if you have a domain name on your GoDaddy account and having private registration and if you want to transfer that domain name to another domain registrar , then you have to cancel private registration for your GoDaddy domain name.

Because with out cancelling private registration, you can't transfer domain name which already having private registration. So in this post We are going to discuss about canceling your GoDaddy domain private registration.

How to cancel GoDaddy domain private registration:

Cancelling Godaddy domain private registration is simple task. To cancel private registration , just log in to your Domainsbyproxy account and choose the private domain to which you want to cancel private registration and then cancel.

Follow below steps to disable/cancel you GoDaddy domain name private registration :

Step 1 :  Log in to Domainsbyproxy website

Step 2:   After log in in to your Domains by proxy account

Step 3 :  Select Private Domains and then Select the Domain name

Step 4 :  Click on Cancel Private Registration

Step 5 :  Click on OK and then click on OK

Now your GoDaddy domain private registration is cancelled.


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