Submit website/Blog to DMOZ Open Directory

Submitting site/blog to DMOZ: 

DMOZ(Open Directory Project) is the directory.  DMOZ is the one of the largest and powerful web directory in the world. Millions of the websites/blogs are added to DMOZ directory. From SEO point of view getting back link form the DMOZ directory is more important , that will increase your website/blog seo score and also increase page rank. So it is better to submit your site/blog to DMOZ open directory. In this post i'm showing you how to submit site/blog to DMOZ directory.

How To Submit website/Blog to DMOZ( Open Directory Project)

DMOZ showing categories on its home page. Like other web directories , just proceed to the category relate to your site/blog that you want to add your site/blog to. After choosing correct path , just submit your site/blog to DMOZ directory by click on suggest URL link. Getting back link from DMOZ directory is more valuable . But getting link form DMOZ is some what difficult. After submitting your site/blog to DMOZ , it will takes more time to add your site/blog to DMOZ directory. Some times it will take weeks  and months to your site/blog to DMOZ. Some times they ( DMOZ ) will reject your submission. Any way just submit your site/blog to DMOZ directory and wait for link. Below showing step by step procedure .

Follow below steps to submit your website/blog to DMOZ(Open directory project)

Step 1 : Go to DMOZ directory

Step 2 : Choose the appropriate path that you want to your site/blog to by click on appropriate category.

Step 3 : Go through categories and sub categories until you see suggest URL link on right side top of DMOZ directory.

Step 4 : Click on Suggest URL link.
Now it will ask Site URL , Title of Site, Site Description, Your E-mail Address and User Verification.

Just fill those fields

Step 5 : Click on Submit Button.

Like this you can add any of your site/blog to DMOZ(Open directory project).


  1. "Hello Narayana!

    Thank you for guiding us on how to submit our sites to DMOZ directory. I will definitely submit my URL there. I am so sure that people who have blogs will be very happy to see this post of yours. I am really looking forward to read more of your posts."

  2. Hello and thank you for your post.
    I already knew about the importance of DMOZ directory for it has a big domain and page reputation, high page rank etc. but look at what sites are listed, most are old fashioned and non updated since way way back. I have tried to have my website included and I got nothing, not even a negative answer. DMOZ blog is also not very good to my understanding. Any feedback on how to get included?