How To Setup Custom Robots Header Tags In Blogger

Custom robots header Tags in Blogger :
Custom robots header tags make Blogger blog more seo friendly.  Custom robots header tags feature is added on new blogger interface. To get the custom robot tags option in side blogger post editor , we have to properly enable and set up the custom robots header tags in blogger. The custom robots header tags will give permission to you to tell search engines not to crawl and index particular sections of your blogger blog . In this post I'm showing you how to setup custom robots header tags in your Blogger blog properly.

How to setup custom robots header tags in Blogger blog :

Blogger providing Custom robots header tags feature. By default custom robots header tags feature is disable in your Blogger blog. It is really easy to enable and setup custom robots header tags in any Blogger. Be careful while setting custom robots header tags on your Blogger. Because if you set them incorrectly, your Blogger blog will not index in search engines. So first learn more about custom robots header tags and then set on your Blogger.

Follow below steps to setup custom robots header tags in your Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Settings

Step 3 : Click on Search preferences.

Step 4 : Below Crawlers and Indexing , you can see Custom robots header tags.
Click on edit next to Custom robots header tags. Now new window will open displaying many options . Now do as said below.

Under  Home page : 
Check only first box i.e all and noodp box

Archive and Search pages :
Check only  noindex and noodp boxes.

Default for Post and Pages :
Check only all box ( i.e first box) and noodp box.

Step 5 : Click on Save changes.

That's it , Now Custom robots header tags properly enabled in your Blogger blog.


  1. Is this how it is supposed to be?

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  2. Hi Gabriela , yes . do like that .

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