Redirect Blogger Feed To FeedBurner

Redirecting Blogger Feed

In Blogger you can see the Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link below post footer. This is Blogger default feed. We can redirect that Blogger feed to FeedBurner. Many Blogger's using RSS feeds for their blogs. Redirecting Blogger feed to FeedBurner will improve your blog traffic and you can get traffic status information who coming from your FeedBurner. In the previous post we discussed how to delete Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link from your Blogger blog. Now we are going to lean how to redirect Blogger default feed to feedburner.

How to redirect Blogger feed to FeedBurner  feed :

Before going to redirecting Blogger feed to feedburner, first you have to create your blog feed through feedburner. After creating feed through feed burner add that feed to your Blogger blog. It is and simple to add that feedburner feed to your Blogger blog. After adding that feedburner to your Blogger blog, your default Blogger feed will redirect to feedburner.

Follow below steps to redirect Blogger feed to FeedBurner.

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Setting and click on others

Step 3 : Click on Add next to Post Feed Redirect URL below Site feed.

Step 4 : Add feerburner feed link in that text box, like below
http://feedburner url

Replace your feedburner url with your feedburner url

Don't Forget to add http://  to the starting of your feed URL like abov

Step 5 : Click on Save settings.

From now your Blogger feed will redirect to feedburner.

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