HTML tags allowed in Blogger comments

HTML tags in Blogger comments : We can comments on others blog without using HTML tags. To leave your blog link in Blogger blog comment, we must use the anchor tag. Because Blogger commenting system not providing text box for URL separately to leave your web address on comments. So we have to use anchor tag to leave blog address on blog comments. Blogger commenting system allowed some basic HTML tags.

What are the HTML tags allowed in the Blogger comments :

Not all the HTML tags are allowed in Blogger comments. Only some limited HTML tags are allowed in Blogger comments. In this post I'm giving the some of the HTML tags list allowed in Blogger comments. To get back links from the other Blogger blogs with commenting system these HTML tags are used.

<a> tag,  <strong> tag, <b> tag, <em> and <i> html tags are allowed in Blogger comments.

Anchor tag : <a>
This tag is used to link from one page to other page. To get the back links from the comments you must use the  <a> tag.
Syntax of the <a> tag :
<a href="url link">your text</a> 
Replace url link with your web page address
Replace your text with the link name.

<strong> tag : This is format text used to render the text. To give importance to the text this HTML tag is used
Syntax  : <strong>your text<</strong> 

 <b> tag> : This tag is use to make the text as bold.
Syntax : <b>your text</b>

<em> tag : renders as emphasized text
Syntax : <em> your text</em>

<i> tag : To make the text italic
Syntax : <i>your text</i>

How to use HTML tags in Blogger comments :

While leaving the comments on other Blogger blogs use these HTML tags along with the comment message. If you want to use <a> tag to leave links in the comment message, and suppose if your comment message is " Nice post, I like your blog. My blog is SBT"

Then insert <a> tag in that comment message like below

Nice post, I like your blog. My blog is <a href="your web page link">SBT</a>

Like this you can use the HTML tags which are allowed in the Blogger comments. 

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