Add Different Background Color To Each Blogger Post

Background Color to Post : 
We can add background color to blog post in your Blogger easily. With one single customization we can set background color to your all Blogger blog posts. We add background color to Blogger blog posts, by simply click on template and then click on customise, next click on advanced tab and then click on Post Background and set background color. Using this method the same background color will apply to all posts in your Blogger blog.

With this method we can't set the background color to individual posts. But with simple change in your blog post code, you can set different background color to specific post in your Blogger blog. In this post I'm showing you basic method to add background color to each blog post in your Blogger.

How to add different background color to each post in blogger :

With div tag we can set background color to individual post in Blogger blog. We have to add background attribute to div tag of the post HTML code. It is simple process. Using this method You can add any background color to your post and at any time you can change that background color too. This is method is simple to add background color to specific blog post on your Blogger.

Follow below steps to add different background color to each post in your Blogger blog

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click Posts

Step 3 : Click on Edit post and click on htm button to turn your post editor in to html mode.

Step 4 : Add below code to div tag in your post html code

background: #34AD3C;

Like below

<div style="text-align: left; background: #34AD3C;">

Step 5 : Click on Update

Now go to your Blogger and check background color of the post in your Blogger. 

Note: After adding code in line 4  don't click on compose button, just click on update button to apply that change to your post. If you click compose button after adding background, background color will not apply to your post.

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