Redirect one page to another in blogger

Custom Redirects in Blogger:
In Blogger it is easy to set custom redirects. Blogger has the custom redirect feature. With this custom redirect feature, you can redirect one page to another page in blogger blog. Suppose if you want to redirect your Blogger pages form one page to another, then custom redirects option in Blogger blog will help you.

In this posts I'm going to show you how to redirect one page to another page in your Blogger blog.

How to Redirect One Page to Another Page in Blogger :

You can see Custom redirects option in your Blogger settings. Go to Custom redirects option under Blogger settings and create custom redirect pages. You can create multiple custom redirect pages in your Blogger blog.

Follow below steps to redirect one page to another in blogger blog:

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Settings

Step 3 : Click on Search Preferences under Settings

Step 4 : Click on Edit next to Custom redirects under Errors and Redirects

Now you can see From and To text boxes.
From : Enter url from which you want to redirect
To : enter url to which you want to redirect.

Example :
Suppose if you have a page like "" and want to redirect this page to
Then set like below
From :
To :

Step 5 : Click on Save and click on Save changes.

Like this you redirect your Blogger pages from one page to another page. You can create more custom redirect pages on your Blogger blog.

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