Add RSS Feed Button To Blogger

RSS Feed : RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are used to delivery your blog content updates to your RSS feed readers automatically.

Need to add Rss feed button to blogs : 

RSS feed is the best method to let the visitors to subscribe your blog. It is also one of the best method to increase your blog traffic. After your blog visitors subscribe your blog with RSS feed, then when ever you update your blog, that updated information will deliver to your blog visitors.

How to add RSS feed to your Blogger blog : 

You can add RSS feed to Blogger blog with Feedburner. Create an account on Feedburner. You need Gmail account to create an Feedburner account. Feedburner is the best choice to add RSS feed button to your Blogger blog. This method is also simple to follow.

Follow below steps to add to add RSS feed button to your Blogger blog:

Step 1 : Long in to your Feedburner account. (If you are new to Feedburner, follow Feedburner instructions and claim your feed first)

Step 2 : Click on Publicize tab and Click on Chicklet chooser option under Services

Step 3 : Choose Feed icon and copy HTML code

Step 4 : Go to Blogger Dashboard and add HTML/JavaScript gadget 

Step 5 : Paste feed icon HTML code in that HTML/JavaScript configuration widget box and click on  Save.

Now visit your Blogger blog and see the RSS feed orange color button on your blog. You can also add custom RSS feed button to your Blogger blog.


How to add custom RSS feed button to Blogger blog :

With anchor tag you can add custom RSS feed button to your Blogger blog. Fist you have to choose free RSS feed image and save that image on any image hosting site (or upload to your blog) and get image source link.

Follow below steps to add custom rss feed to Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Add HTML/JavaScript Gadget 

Step 3 : Add blow code in the HTML/JavaScript gadget window

<a href="your rss feed url link"><img src=" your custom rss feed image " />Subscribe via RSS feed</a>

Step 4 : Replace, your rss feed url link with your RSS feed link and your custom rss feed image with your image url

Step 5 : Click on Save.

Like this you can create custom RSS feed button and add to your Blogger blog.

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