Add Related Posts Widget To Blogger with Thumbnails

Today many effective tips and tricks are available to make your blog visitors stay longer on your website/blog. The first tip is, write unique and accurate content on your blog. People will come to your blog to know exactly what they want or to know something new. If you write unique and useful content on your blog, visitors will stay longer on your blog to know more new information.

The next method is add related posts below blog posts in your blog. Once if your blog visitors really like current reading post, then more chances are there to read another blog post related to your current post. That's why it is better to add related posts below blog posts on your blog.  
Related posts widget :
Related posts widget helps in displaying related posts below post on your blog. We can add related posts with thumbnails using related posts widget. After adding related posts with thumbnails, related posts will appear below every post and page on your blog. In this post I'm going to explain about adding related posts widget to your Blogger with Thumbnails.

With related posts your blog traffic will increase. Adding related posts to blogs is the best way to encourage your blog visitors to read another posts similar to the current reading post. So with related posts your blog visitors will remain stay on your blog for longer period of time. With this your blog bounce rate will also decrease.

How To Add Related Posts Widget with Thumbnails To your Blogger blog :

Many third party widgets are available to add related posts to your Blogger blog. Currently Blogger not providing related posts widget, so you need to depend on 3rd party widgets to add related post widget to Blogger blog. Below I'm listing some of the top widget to add related posts with thumbnails to your Blogger blog.

Top 3rd party related posts widgets with thumbnails :
  • Nrelate
  • Linkwithin
  • Outbrain
  • Zemanta
Here I'm explaining how to add related posts widget with thumbnails to Blogger using Nrelate.

Follow below steps to add related posts widget to Blogger blog using Nrelate.

 Step 1 : Go to Nrelate website

Step 2 : Register account in Nrelate

Step 3 : Log into Nrelate site

Step 4 : Click on Install button

              Choose Blogger platform
              Then It will show
              1. Only on posts
              2. Also homepage
              3. All pages

              Select any option. Next Add a page element Blogger window will open.

Step 5 : Give Title name and click on Add gadget button.

Now you have successfully added related posts widget to Blogger using Nrelate. After adding it will take some time to show related posts with thumbnails on your Blogger blog. You can also use  Linkwithin, Outbrain or Zemanta to add related posts widget to your Blogger blog.

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