Type Copyright symbol in blogger

How to type © Copyright symbol in blogs :

To add copyright notice to Blogger blogs, not only Blogger blogs, any blogs, we have to type copyright symbol ©. But we can't type © symbol from keyboard.We can type copyright symbol with some combination of symbols and numbers.

Follow below steps to type © Copyright symbol in Blogger posts

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Posts

Step 3 : Click on New post

Step 4 : Click on HTML to turn in to HTML mode 

Enter below combination of keys


Now click on compose button , now you can see © symbol

Step 5 : Click on Publish button to publish post.

Like this you can add © symbol to Blogger blog in any where with HTML supported gadgets.

Another methods to type © symbol :

use © like (combination of keys)  ©  in step4 .

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