Make money with Chitika


Chitika is the best alternative to Google Adsense. The Chitika ads which appears on your blog are related to your blog keywords. Chitika ads will appear clearly on your blog only if go through search engine.Suppose if you visit a blog through search engine with SEO tips keyword, then ads related to SEO tips will appear on that blog.

How to make money with Chitika :

It is simple to make money with Chitika. You can get money quickly with Chitika as it paying $10 via PayPal.  Making money with Chitika is a 2 step process. First Create a Chitika Publisher account and add your website to get verified by Chitika team. Next create Chitika ads and add to your blog/website.

Chitika is better for blogs that are getting primary traffic from USA/Canada
  • Easy to get approved from Chitka
  • Minimum pay out :
                   $10 via PayPal
                   $50 via Checks
You can also make some extra money with chitika referral program . Join chitika referral program and add your referral banner on your blog.

Again I'm telling Chitika is better is best choice for blogs that are getting primary traffic from USA/Canada. You can earn more money by getting traffic from USA/Canada. You may get less money with out side USA/Canada traffic.

How to add Chitika ads to Blogger:

It is easy to add chitika ads to Blogger blogs. Simply visit Chitika website and click on Publisher tab and choose either Professional publisher program or Enterprise publisher program and then fill form. After creating publisher account, add Chitika add code to your Blogger blog.

How to Add multiple domains to your Chitika account and claim domains.

First add Chtika ad code to any of your blog. After Chitika ad getting some clicks your blog name will list under Unclaimed domains in your Chitika account. Follow below steps to claim your blogs/websites.

Step 1 : Click on Domains and Apps tab , Under Domains and Apps you can see unclaimed domains.

Step 2 : Click on Unclaimed Domains

Step 3 : Select domain names and click on Claim button.

Step 4 : Click on claimed domains tab and you can see all domain names added successfully.

Step 5 : Repeat this process after every time you add a new domain.


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