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How to use Google webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools( Google Search Console):
Google providing Google webmaster tools, now it's called a Google Search Console. Using Google webmaster tools you can see all statistic reports of your blog pages. It will give the complete report about your blog pages visibility on Google search engine. Generally all bloggers use Google Search Console. Especially to submit your blog sitemap to Google search engine, we must need Google Search Console(Google Webmaster Tools.
Google providing mainly two tools for bloggers. The main two tools are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.  Google analytics is best tools to monitor your blog/website. Google webmaster is another best tool comes with more features to optimize blogs/website.

How to submit your blog to webmaster tools : 

It is easy to submit your blog to Google webmaster tools. You can submit multiple blogs to a same Google webmaster account. With single Google webmaster tools account we can maintain multiple blogs. To submit your blog to Google webmaster, you must need a Gmail account. So if you don't have a Gmail account first create Gmail and then start submitting your blogs to Google webmaster.

Follow below steps to submit your blog to Google webmaster tools.

Step 1 : Log into Google Webmaster

Step 2 : Click on ADD A SITE button

Step 3 : Enter your blog and click on Continue button

Like this you can add multiple blogs. All your added blogs will appear on starting page of your Google Search Console. To view your blog report just click on your blog name.


How to Use Google Webmaster Tools(Google Search Console) For SEO : Beginners Guide

Many people using Google webmaster tools to improve their blog SEO. With Google webmaster tool you can submit your blog sitemap to Google search engine. We can also submit particular web page to search engine using this tool. Like this it has many features.
Google webmaster tools features :
  • Crawl Report
  • Search Traffic
  • Sitemap Submission.
  • Google Index
  • Search Appearance

Search Appearance  :

Under Search Appearance you can see different feature to improve your blog visibility in search engine.

Structured Data : All structured data elements information that Google located on your blog will list here.

Data Highlighter :  You can improve your blog look on search engines by tagging pages.

HTML Improvements : You can improve your blog/site experience and performance by following tips mentioned here.

Sitelinks : The pages(links) appearing under Google listings are know as Sitelinks. If you don't want a particular sitelink, you can demote it using this option.

Search Traffic :

Here you can get all your blog traffic information.
Search Analytics : You can see all your blog analytics information like impressions, clicks, CTR and Position in a chart here.

Links to Your Site : You can see all information about links to your blog. It is really good to check back links to your blog.

Internal Links : You can find your blog intern links information here. You can find inter links to specific page using search box.

Manual Actions : You can see manual actions information here.

International Targeting: You can target your blog audience by settings location and language.

Mobile Usability: You can see mobile usability errors here.

Google Index : 

you can see that how many pages of your blog are indexed on Google search engine here.

Index Status : To see index status of your blog, click on Index Status button under Google Index. You can see total indexed pages number here.

Content Keywords : You can see all your blog keywords list here.

Blocked Resources : You can see blocked resources information here that effect your blog webpages indexing.

Remove Urls : To remove particular urls of your blog click on Remove Urls under Google Index and click on Create a new removal request button and submit Url. This will useful to remove/delete broken links  on your blog.

Crawl Report :

Here you can see crawl errors information and you can also fix them easily.

Crawl Errors :   To see crawl errors click Crawl Errors tab under Crawl. If any errors listed click on errors and Fix them. After fixing, mark them as fixed.

Crawl Stats : You can see all Googlebot activities Like pages crawled per day.

Fetch as Google : This is one of the most important feature in Google Search Console. You can submit a link immediately to search engine using this feature.
How to submit Url : Click on Fetch as Google tab under Crawl and add Url and click on Fetch.

robots.txt Tester : You can edit your robots.txt file here

Sitemaps : Sitemaps feature is there in Google webmaster, using this you submit your blog sitemap to Google search engines and you can also see the pages indexed on search engine.

How to Submit sitemap:  Click on Sitemaps tab under Crawl and submit sitemap.

URL Parameters: You can see URL Parameters information here. If any errors found, configure it properly.


  1. I submit my site to google through webmaster tool, still not i can't see reports about Search Appearance, and one more doubt, does google webmaster tool gives Search Appearance Results for blogger site.


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