Change font size of blogger posts

 Post Font size : 

Even if your blog having quality content , If the post text is not easily readable , there is no use with that content. If the content not easily readable , your blog visitor can't spend more time on your blog to your posts. So increase your blog post font size until the post text is readable easily and also set good font style. In this post i'm giving the information to change the font size of your blogger posts.

How to increase posts font size in blogger blog :

It is easy to increasing font size of your blogger posts. By default the font size of blogger blog posts is small. Blogger template contains specific script code for the post customization , with that we can easily change the font size of posts in blogger. For easily readable it is better to use the font size between 16 to 18  for blog posts.

Follow below steps to change blogger posts font size 

step 1 : go to blogger dashboard

step 2 : click on template

step 3 : click on edit HTML

step 4 : search      .post-body {  

add below code before closing tag of above line

font-size: 16px;

step 5 : click on save template.

Now your blog post text size is 16. Like this you can easily change the font size of your blogger blog posts. Another method is also there to change blogger blog post font size.

Change font size of your blog posts in blogger through template customization :

  • Click on template 
  • Click on customise. 
  • Click on advance and change page font size.
With this method we can set font size as 14, 16 or 20px like that as given. But we can't set font size as 18 with this process.We can't set the specific font size with this method. To set specific font size to your blogger post, we have to used the first method. So if we want font size 18 then we have to add font-size: 18px;  on template code like in step 4.


  1. thanks for tip. But this only changes font size for individual posts? How can I change font size for all pubished posts through template (meaning without adjusting each and every post)? thanks again

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  5. Every character (letters, digits) on your blog appears as a square with an A inside of it.

    I am having this same problem, which is exactly why I searched "change font size of blogger posts." My brother said I need to change my screen font and now I can't do it...


  6. thanks a lot! my blog is happy now!

  7. For me, I just did it and it worked like magic. Thank you so much.

  8. Thanks a lot for the tips. it worked very nicely.

  9. Hi! This isn't working for me. I want to increase the font size of my posts (the content that is in the body)..have tried everything html css but still no luck..

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