How to backup your WordPress blog

WordPress Blog Backup : 
Backing up your blog is very important. Also important to backup your blog regularly. Not only WordPress blog, for any blog backup is more important. We already discussed how to backup your Blogger blog, now we are going to explain how to backup your WordPress blog. It is easy to backup Blogger blog when compared to WordPress, because WordPress is PHP and MySQL based web application so we need to backup all its files and database. 

How to backup your WordPress blog in five minutes:

Many ways are there to backup your WordPress blog. One of the simple method is using import option in your WordPress dashboard, through this option we can download all blog content like posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts. We can download all these blog content in an XML file and save on computer. 

Today many plugins also there to backup your WordPress blog. With backWPup plugin you can setup automatic backup as you require and the backup file will go to your email. Here I'm showing how to configure backWPup plugin on your WordPress.

Follow below steps to backup your WordPress blog with backWPup plugin :

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Plugins and search for backWPup

Step 3 : Add backWPup plugin and install .

Step 4 : Go to backWPup and Add New settings

Step 5 : Configure settings like below

Automatic backups : backup site automatically.
Frequency of backups : select any one from automatic backup will occur Drop down menu.
Want to backups :  select database and files.
no of backups :  give number .
Email backups :  enter mail id to which backup files will be mailed .

And then click on Save Changes .

Like this you can set up automatic backup for your WordPress blog. This is one of the simple method.

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