Customize the Header Image in WordPress Blog

Header image customization on WordPress:
We can add custom header image to WordPress blog. We can change and remove header image after adding to WordPress blog. We can also change the position of the header image on blog. Every theme has header customization options , and these header options may vary from one theme to another theme.

How to Customize the Header Image in Your WordPress Blog:

Go to WordPress admin area. Under Appearance you can see Header, there you can customize your header image. You can also do many changes on your header image by doing changes on your blog header CSS code. But you can't do it with CSS knowledge easily. So here I'm showing you the basic header image customizations.

Follow below steps to customize the header image in WordPress blog:

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Appearance

Step 3 : Click on Header and add any image to your blog
              Choose the size and crop image.

Step 4 : To show the header text on your header image,
             select show header text with your image option
             Or if you want to hide, un check above option.

Step 5 : Click on Save changes.

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