Move Blog Posts to Front Page in WordPress

Setting static front pages in WordPress:
We can set any page on your WordPress blog as a static front page. You can set any post or page as a static front page. If your WordPress blog has many posts and want to set particular page as front page, then this post will help you. I think it's also good idea to stick a most useful page as static front page on blog's home page. 

In WordPress it really very easy to set a page a static front page on your blog home page when compared with Blogger.

How to Move Particular Post to Front Page in WordPress :

In WordPress we can easily move particular posts to front page / home page. With Visibility options we can move particular posts to (main page) home page in WordPress . We can also move multiple posts to font page at a time in WordPress. I.e we can set single post or multiple posts on home page of WordPress blog.

Follow below steps to move posts to your home page in WordPress.

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Edit to view post

Step 3 : On right side under publish module click on Edit next Visibility.

Step 4 : Check the Stick this post to the front page box

Then click Ok and click on Update button.

Step 5 : If you want to stick multiple posts to front page .

Click on all posts and select multiple posts , then on bulk action select edit and click on Apply.
Now you can see Sticky option , select Sticky and click on Update button.

Like this you can easily stick any post on your WordPress blog home page.

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